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Night Experience

Our night experiences are three hours long. We cover a variety of subjects that deal with, not only survival skills, but outdoor skills as well.  Every class covers an individual skill that is taught through lecture and practical application accompanied by individual attention.  The way we accomplish this is through lecture, demonstration, and one-on-one instruction. 

An additional materials fee for some classes will be required upon arrival.  If an additional material fee is required, it will be noted in the class description and you will be notified of the fee amount in your confirmation email. 

In addition to all the skills that we have listed on our schedule for night classes, we do accept requests for customized specific classes.  However, there is a minimum attendance requirement of 10 students for special requests. 

Each student is expected to provide their own pocket knife for all classes.

Class Titles:

Fire: Class 1 - Friction, Class 2 - Flint and steel

Traps: Class 1 - Dead falls, Class 2 - Snares

Water: Class 1 - Water procurement, Class 2 - Water purifying

Shelters: Class 1 - Natural shelters, Class 2 - Improvised man made shelters

Tools: Class 1 - Flint knapping, Class 2 - Fish traps, Class 3 - Pine pitch, Class 4 - Baskets, Class 5 - Arrows, Class 7 - Cordage, and Class 8 - Bows

Outdoor First Aid: Class 1 - Hygiene, Class 2 - Basic First Aid (splints, Tourniquets, bleeding, breathing, weather related injuries), and Class 3 - Medicinal plants

Emergency Preparedness (Urban Survival)

Email us for a price list:

Monday Night Family Package Available