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Ultimate Survival Experience

Our week classes go into depth on each of the five basic skills; in fact we spend half a day on each one. We also include an additional class on the psychology of survival that covers the different emotions and stress that occur in a high stress situation such as a survival scenario.

You will spend each night in a shelter that you will build. You will cook your food and boil your water over a fire that you will build without the use of any modern fire lighting methods and we will teach you how to identify wild plants.

During the week you will also learn how to navigate without a map or compass, both during the day and at night. You will learn the basics in tracking and we will teach you how to tell time with the sun.

We will teach you how to fish without a fishing pole. We will teach you how to make a stone knife and how to make shoes from bark.

You will learn how to skin and prepare mammals and foul for food and the hides for clothing.

 We will also teach you how to make baskets and how to keep your food cold outdoors.

Each student will be required to bring the following items with them: 1 Multi tool knife (we recommend a Victorinox Swiss Army knife that has a wood / bone saw), 1 closed cell foam sleeping pad, 1 Sleeping Bag (rated for 00°), 1 Sierra cup, 1 knit cap, 1 small backpack, and wear clothing appropriate for the season to include hiking boots.

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