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Services We Offer

We offer courses that are centered around 6 principles that are essential for survival.

The first principle is "The Will to Survive". This course goes into the psychology of survival. What type of mental things to expect in a survival type of situation. The different stages that the mind will go through in order to cope with the situation. We will also teach the class how to recognize and deal with each of these stages. The most important thing in this class that we teach is how to mentally control your outcome.

The next five principles are covered under our Skills tab.

We offer three types of courses: The first is a Night Class that is three hours long and covers usually only one specific skill. The second is a Weekend Class. This class is from Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening. The last class that we offer is a One Week Class. This class starts on Monday morning and goes to Saturday evening.

Other services that we offer include but are not limited to: Custom Tailored Classes, Corporate Skills Classes, On Location Classes (where we will come to your location), Year Round Classes and Environment Specific Classes. Government contracts are available.